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DRH Pharmacy Intern Program

The pharmacy internship program at Duke Regional Hospital is designed to provide the intern with health-system exposure. It is a 4-year program that builds upon each progressing year to give a comprehensive understanding of pharmacy services provided throughout the hospital. During the first two years, interns will learn to navigate central pharmacy and the dispensing aspect of hospital pharmacy. As they move up to their 3rd and 4th year, they will be decentralized and provide clinical services, such as obtaining medication histories, assisting with clinical consults, drug monitoring, and renal dosing of medications. Additionally, all interns will have the opportunity to build mentorships with clinical pharmacists, give professional presentations, and conduct research and quality improvement projects. Our graduates will be competitive residency candidates and be prepared to deliver patient care across the spectrum of healthcare.

Time requirements

Clinical Interns (Years 3 and 4): Every other weekend (8 hrs/day) plus 1 or 2 weekdays (5pm-9pm) each week. Each intern will have an assigned weekday that they will work every week. One weekday will be a “rotating” day that will be covered in a rotating fashion between the interns.

Technical Interns (Years 1 and 2): Every other weekend (8 hrs/day)